Chris Brown Inspired Look

So here, I took an outfit Chris Brown wore in his Loyal video and slightly revamped it. Lets just say I didn’t change much LoL. I thought the look was great and I simply worked with what I had in my wardrobe.


This is the look above, and below is what i was aiming for. Close or Nuh?


I’ll start with the shoes. Like I said, I was trying to recreate the look so for the most part, I had to go for the same pieces. His choice of boots were the regular brown coloured timberland so it was only right I used mine.


For the upper part of the outfit, I didn’t use the exact red shirt he used for his. I decided to switch it up with blue, it was what i had and created a slightly different feel to the look. I didn’t think it was necessary to buy a red one. So trust the shirt is totally flexible if you want the same look.


For the white shirt underneath the jacket, a long line white shirt gets the job done. So you can use anything long and comfortable.Just just make sure its

lose enough to hide the knot you tie with the shirt on your waist. This creates a laid back feel and the look comes together more effortlessly when the knot isn’t as visible



See? no bump! it also depends on how u tie it too.

Now on to the leather jacket!

Look, any nicely fitted leather jacket works with this look. It adds a finishing touch to it. Just make sure the jacket is well fitted or better yet comfortable. You need to be able to move your arms.


You can include accessories to top it off. I always go with gold.



Sefunmi : 42 Sttom Photography : Instagram @42stomm_photography


Shoes : Timberland from Footlocker

Pants : H&M

White Shirt :

Blue shirt : Urban Behaviour : I’ve had for almost 5 years

Leather Jacket : Topman

Feel free to contact me for more inquiries. Peace, I’m out.

And remember, Fashion is confidence





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