Tunic White


This is the perfect outfit for an all white party/event. You just can’t go wrong with this. This is what the full outfit looks like.


This outfit can work with all black and gold accessaries. You can either wear long sleeves with it or even a short sleeve shirt.


For the shoes, any type of footwear will work for this look. Honestly with this look you can do so much. I chose to go with my white nike air forces. Something really clean works.


Another way to look at the Inspiration behind the outfit. ūüėÄ

And Remember, Fashion is Confidence.


Shirt : Quilted Sleeveless Zip Tunic from Iridium


Pants : H&M

Shoes : Nike Aire Force 1


Photos by :

Celestina Aleobua : Instagram @cdawggydawgg

Sefunmi : Instagram @42stomm_photography so feel free to contact them for work



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