“The Leaf Print Pant”

The leaf print pant is one of my favourite dress pants. Sadly i’ve worn it only two times since i got it, thanks to this Canadian weather. Anyways here is the pant.


I went for a friend of mine’s birthday dinner with this outfit and i thought it was dope. So the next day i did a shoot. Yeah i should’ve blogged it a long time ago but i had too much content so had to save the best for later. lol

Aside from what you’ve already seen here is the rest of the outfit.


haha ha…. shout out to all the skinny dudes out there. So this is one way to rock this pant. I did more with it though and i’ll show you later in this post. Oh and people keep asking me if the thing i have on the collar of the shirt comes with the shirt, well it doesn’t. It’s a collar Chain/Tip, I tend to go with it over bowties/regular ties for a casual outing. Below is a better look of the pin



Now the funny thing about this shoot was that i decided to take a chair to the middle of the road to sit on. All the people driving by looked at me like who does this guy think he is but my “Unlooking” game strong. I didn’t care at all. I did my thing, on my chair, in the middle of the road, like a boss.




Any dress shoe also works with the pant. Didn’t try it with socks so i don’t know how it’ll look. Not a big fan of wearing socks with pants like this though.

Now to the other thing you can do with the outfit. I added a blazer to it which took it from 0 to 100 real quick. check it out




The blazer was what i had but there are other ways to improve on the outfit like adding a button down sweater, a hat or even a jacket. I just worked with what i had in my wardrobe. Below are some of the pictures of the outfit i already posted on Instagram. Had to do it for the gram still.



With just the right Accessories the outfit will come together perfectly.


Shoes : Aldo

Leaf Print Pant : ASOS.com

Shirt : Le Chateau

Collar Chain : ASOS.com

Blazer : Zara

Feel free to contact me for more inquiries and don’t forget “Fashion Is Confidence”.


Photos by : Dez Collington


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