I had the opportunity to work with JESSE the CEO of Street Chief.

BW 4


BW 3

BW 1


At some point they made me dress up like a village pineapple seller. i loved the looks though. Everything was put together by Jesse himself. I was just doing what they told me to do. IMG_5363





Be sure to visit STREET-CHIEF.COM for the clothes. I was dressed in both the Night Fall Kente Tee and the Night Fall Camo Tee. Everything else came from Jesse. Feel free to contact me or link up with him. I’ll have the contacts under the credits section.

Feel free to contact me for more inquiries and don’t forget “Fashion Is Confidence”.


Shoot was created and directed by @Streetchief on instagram

Photos by : Kirat Pannu

Follow him on Instagram : @Thepannu

Visit his website :

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