It’s been a year since I launched this blog and ever since then its been great. I want to thank everyone who supported me and will continue to support me. I won’t stop here, I can’t stop here. I launched on my birthday last year and I just celebrated my birthday as well. Haha…don’t even think about asking me how old I am and feel free to wish me happy belated anytime.

So after all that I had to get back to work. This time around i’m bringing you a major trend that is “bomber jackets”. In this blog post I featured A friend of mine, his name is “Matt Skullz” Yeah.. don’t ask.


All I need to say is that these Bomber jackets are a must have. The first time I saw this jacket I knew I had to own it. They come in the long and short version. I prefer the long one just because it’s different and in black you can’t go wrong.



Matt is wearing the short version while i’m wearing the long version. There are two sets of pictures taken with this look from two different photographers. One during the day and the other at night. One with Matt Skullz and the other is just me. Lets talk about me for a second here just because Vanity…


Well it’s no news that Canada is a cold place, especially at this time of the year. So I had to layer up. Like in the picture above, I have on a white shirt, A sweater on top before the jacket.




I was chilling, Don’t know about you.


All I was singing in this picture was  “Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman”

The pant I have on is a sweat pant from Zara. It’s comfortable and also I had to tailor it a bit so it might not fit the same way if you buy it. A closer look below.


I always wear socks with it to blend the pants with the shoe and also to stay warm. More pictures below




Shout out to Matt Skullz one more time for coming through. We took our pictures at night so in the pictures it’s just two black guys chilling in the alley.



Thanks for stopping by and happy anniversary to One more time.


Bomber jackets (Both Long And Short) : Zara

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Night Pictures were taken by Chris Afolabi

Follow his work on Instagram @afvlabi and personally @krstopha

Day/Personal Pictures were taken by Chinonso Obodoechi

Follow his work on Instagram @city_lens and personally @chinonso.o


In the pictures with me is “Matt Skullz” who is also a stylist.

Follow him on Instagram as well @mat_tskullz