“Me, Myself, And Irene.” is a boyfriend/Girlfriend inspired idea featuring the beautiful “Irene Aleobua”.



We wore matching Iridium Hoodies. She a black one in a small size and I wore a medium in white. We accompanied our looks with black pants and matching black timberlands.


I’ wore sweat pants just because it looks more stylish and comfortable. Then I have my black timberlands on. Funny thing is……..okay i won’t tell the story lol. moving on


Here is what it looks like from the front. My partner wore black jeans instead of sweatpants with black timberlands as well. It looks equally great if not better.


Ha! clearly you can’t sit with us. lol I joke you totally can because it’s not a hard look to put together and also great for fall. Below are other angles of the look.



Clearly we were having too much fun.

                            STYLE BREAKDOWN & QUICK TIPS 

Hoodies : Iridium Clothing Co.

Sweat pants : Zara

Irene’s Pants : H&M

Shoes : Timberlands from Footlocker

Hair : Only God knows. lol don’t ask me.

Feel free to contact me for more inquiries and don’t forget “Fashion Is Confidence”.


Partner is Irene Aleobua. Follow her on Instagram @eyerain3

Photos By:

Celestina Aleobua. Follow her on Instagram @cdawggydawgg

Sefunmi. @42stomm_photography