First of all happy new year guys, I hope the holiday has been fun. Now for my first blog of the year, let me introduce you to “THE RALPHIEL”


 lol I have that get out of my mentions look with this picture. Ok so when i got this shirt it was big but i had to customize it. I had to put a dart at the back and tailor it to fit. here is what i did and i’ll post a link to the actual product so you’ll see what i did to it or the difference.



 So i asked my tailor to fit it from the back to create the dart then on the side i personally sewed the split together because it was too loose. It was summer so i wore it with shorts not pants and then completed the look with the Jordan Futures.


If you look closely at the shirt, it looks like a dress shirt in front of it and a sweater finish at the back and sleeves. It’s a pretty dope concept if you ask me. Perfect for any weather.



I added a pocket square when i rocked it just to make it look a bit more classy.



When i look at this picture all that goes through my head is “Shout out to all the pears”. With that being said shout out to anyone reading this post. Thank you for the support.




Shirt :

Shorts : H&M

Pocket Square : Le Chateau

Shoes : Jordan Future from Champs

Feel free to contact me for more inquiries and don’t forget “Fashion Is Confidence”.


Photo by : Moyo Arewa

Follow him on Instagram @moyoarewa and on Twitter @Moyo_Arewa

One thought on “THE RALPHIEL

  1. Truly dope af… I’m trying to get a close friend to elevate his jordan-based work and travel outfits and this top in particular is the SHIT. Damn!!!! Ty for sharing!!


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