Turtleneck Season 1: The Three Musketeers



LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!! Good day and welcome to “Turtleneck Season” here on “Reneyfresh.com”. In the Blue corner weighing 178 pounds we have Seyi Adesola popularly known as “MrSeyi”. In the Black corner weighing 165 pounds, a man who doesn’t like to wear socks we have Dami “Alinko” Gbenga-Alade. And In the Grey corner you have me. Now lets get to it in…




See what i did there? Anyways i got inspired by the style in the new James Bond Movie “Spectre”. I realized a lot of people don’t like to wear turtlenecks inside of a suit. In comparison to a dress shirt and tie a light turtleneck like the one me and the guys have on is much more comfortable. It lets you move around easily for those who drive and do other activities in a suit. And when paired with the right accessories it can be really stylish. Check out the pictures below..



In terms of footwear, any dress shoe will go depending on the type of pant your suit comes with or just what you prefer. Me personally I like chelsea shoes because I don’t like to expose my ankles, its a different case for Dami though. Like I said it depends. You can see our shoes better in the pictures below.


Ok, so I promised u guys a story. Take a look at this picture below.


See how i’m the only one standing on the fence? We would have gotten a better picture if these two spineless ducks climbed up with me but they were both too scared of falling over. I did take the risk alone clearly but ended up ripping my pant 😦 But the shoot continued as planned.


I also realized that it’s better to go with suspenders over belts for your suit. Haha see how I tried to pull a drake in this picture below…..


Details of the suits and accessories will be in the style breakdown section before then enjoy more pictures.







Turtleneck : Le Chateau/Topman/Topman

Suit : Topman/Topman/Topman

Shoes : H&M/Aldo/Aldo


Suspenders : H&M

Lapel Flower, Rose : Suitedman (Suitedman.com)

Matte Black Deer Lapel Pin : Gentsmode (www.gentsmode.com)

Tie/Pocket Square : Le Chateau

Feel free to contact me for more inquiries and don’t forget “Fashion Is Confidence”.


Photos By : Marcus : 42Sttom Photography : Instagram @42stomm_photography

Features : Seyi Adesola : Instagram @mrseyi_

Dami Gbenga-Alade : Instagram @mralinko

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