First of all, it feels good to be back. I’ve never missed doing anything like I miss Fashion and blogging. I have so many reason why I have been absent but to be honest with you they’re just excuses. Inconsistency is nothing but an excuse. Just know that i’m back now so expect looks from time to time.

That being said Happy valentines day to you all and if you’re reading this after valentines day then I hope your valentines day went well.

This look is for those who need a little bit of inspiration on how to impress Bae this valentines day. I know it falls on a weekday and most of you plan on going on the weekend. This means you have time to get a few things before that hot date.

This look is really simple but hard for many to pull off. The trick lies in the Blazer. Get a nice blazer and the look is done. The rest of the look is generic and personally I don’t like to play with too much colours when it comes to classy looks. I like to just keep it simple. 

Black pants, Nice pair of Loafers, white dress Shirt and a black bow tie does it for me. The blazer on the other hand I take my time picking only the best I can get my hands on.

The picture above is the entire look. In this shoot Tega and I just focused on creating a valentines day vibe as opposed to outfit details but I hope what we have is good enough for you guys to get the gist.

This picture is definitely one of my favourite pictures of all time already. Such a great shot. This picture also shows the accessories in the look perfectly. When I wear black blazers I pair them up with coloured pocket squares usually red. This adds sugar and spice to it. I don’t play with colours but I hate plain outfits at the same time. I can’t imagine this suit without the red pocket square. Moral of the story go get you a red coloured pocket square.

Lmao I was really feeling myself with this rose. 

I barely smiled during this shoot but nothing beats my smiling pictures 

Below are a few more close-up pictures of the look. 

I used a rose for this look for obvious reasons. There are more pictures but for now this is all I have to upload in time before valentines day. Fellas, take your girls out on a nice date and look nice while doing so. Ladies love a well dressed man.

Happy valentines day again to you all and thanks for all the support. More to come so stay tuned.






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