Its been a while since my first summer look book post but you know what they say “better late than never”. I had so much going on, I completed my final term as an undergrad, hosted a very successful comedy show with my team, and so much more. But never to worry I am finally back. Before the summer runs out i’ll try to make up for lost time. This denim on denim look has been a major trend over the years, it just keeps coming back. I decided to give u guys my own version which I know you’ll all like.



I Stopped being a fan of denim pants but had to get back on it. It felt right for the summer. I had to mix the outfit up with a long split-side oversized shirt. And you can’t go wrong with Jordans especially the futures for a pair of shoe. Better look in the picture below.


Better look of the full outfit is in the picture below.


I put pins on the denim shirt to make it look better and a bit more stylish. Using the pin is a matter of preference because you can totally pull off the shirt without the pins.


I had so much fun at the shoot and we came up with so many dope pictures. Purchase details will be posted in the style breakdown section until then enjoy more of the pictures.







I want to thank those who have been visiting this site and those who have waited this long for me to post something. Your support means a lot to me and will be the reason i’ll keep going.


Shirts :

Pants : Topshop

Shoes : House Of Hoops

Backpack :

Feel free to contact me for more inquiries and don’t forget “Fashion Is Confidence”.


Photos By : Obi Samuel, OS Photography : Instagram @OBISAMUEL

He’s also a very good graphic designer so feel free to contact him for work.