It’s finally spring so let me introduce you to the perfect spring look for the average gentleman. Behold my “Shades of Grey” spring 2018 look book.

There isn’t a lot of stories to tell about this time to be honest with you but this look right here is that look. It’s perfect for the classic men out there. You can also wear this to work. You can also rock this in the summer just leave the trench at home when you do. 

It does get cold here in Canada during spring so i’ll be dumb to go without a trench. So please if you’re in a cold country be sure to always have a trench coat or a jacket with you at all times just in case.

I like taking pictures in front of nice coloured cars because when I dress up I picture myself in one. I know some day i’ll have my own but for now we fake it till we make it. 

This suit comes with it’s own jacket but it was a terrible fit when I tried it on. The waist coat and pants on the other hand were looking great so i ditched the jacket. Like I always tell you guys, I have to tailor my pants to look the way they do so please don’t try this at home without consulting your family tailor. 

As for shoes, for some reason I don’t like low top dress shoes. This leather Chelsea shoe was a steal for me. It’s very comfortable so i’ll probably buy another one incase this one gets worn out. Don’t worry i’ll say where I got them at the end of this post.

Lol I was bending my neck in one of the shots below it almost broke but hey gotta do what these photographers tell you especially when they know their stuff. Tega definitely did his thing on this shoot. Pictures look crisp and edits are spot on. 

I’m actually just excited to be finally shooting with my boy Tega. He’s finally understanding how I like my blog pictures taken and at the same time he does his thing creatively. It’s Gods plan after all. Below are some more pictures from the shoot before I call it a day.

Middle finger to winter btw. It refused to go away. 

Did you notice the hat returned? It just looked nice for this look so I had to bring it back. Don’t know if it’ll stay tho. For those who actually take out time to read my posts I just want to say thank you. Please like this post, leave a comment, and share with friends. I appreciate you all.






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