It’s been a long time coming but “The Classic Man” is finally here. I was waiting for more pictures but i’ll have to make do with these ones. This look is inspired by Jidenna, his classic man song and my granddad. I just had to do it. The most classic thing about this look to me is the walking stick. It belonged to my granddad who passed away a few years ago, may his soul rest in peace. So yeah if you are reading this the walking stick might be older than you.



It’s very rare to see anyone wearing suit with shorts these days but it was summer and I didn’t want to be bothered by pants. Shorts add the classic touch to it and all you need is confidence to pull it off.


Lol only colonial masters actually wore suits with shorts. I think it’s dope and it was summer so why not. Take a closer look at some of the accessories below. A nice Fedora hat, Shoes that stand out and I decided not to go with the cliche bow/long tie.





If you are going to dress classy in the summer try as much as possible to reduce the things that’ll make you sweat. Instead of a tie wear Collar Pins, Instead of a dress shirt with Long sleeves try one with short sleeves and instead of pants wear shorts. Got it? good!. One last picture before I bless you guys with purchase details.


Next time you’ll hear from me i’ll be doing a fall look book. I just want to say thanks to you guys for being patient with me all summer long. Fall is here and Winter is coming. See y’all in a bit.


Hat : Fedora Hat from

Blazer/Short : H&M

Waist Coat/Dress Shirt : Le Chateau

Shoes : Heel Boy

Walking Stick : Grandpa’s

Feel free to contact me for more inquiries and don’t forget “Fashion Is Confidence”.


Photos By : Marcus : 42Sttom Photography : Instagram @42stomm_photography