Welcome back to Reneyfresh.com your number 1 fashion destination. I know y’all missed me. This is my first blog post of 2016, yeah I know it’s been a while but I have so much going on. I called this post “WINTER 200” first of all because my blog is in it’s second year, and since I did WINTER 101,102 AND 103 last year it’s only right to continue the trend. Secondly I hope to take you through a full undergrad tutorial on how to pair things up in a sub-zero cold environment. So lets get to it.



This is what the outfit looks like. Winter is all about layers. Once you know how to pair things up and layer them properly winter will not be so much of a problem to you. Winter doesn’t really respect swag, so if you want to stay warm you better throw your swag away and cover up.

One thing though, I know I shouldn’t have worn the ripped jeans for this shoot because my legs were freezing. So don’t try this at home. Wear something that’s covered 100%.




Also dress comfortable enough to be able to run and jump. For me I don’t think anything looks good if you’re not comfortable in it.


Details matter a lot. Forget those pants, i’m never ever wearing them in the cold again unless i’m driving or being driven.


This is the hat I have on for this shoot. Everyone’s in love with this hat. They always assume it’s expensive but it’s just the opposite. It’s all about packaging.



I love my winter jacket so much. If you live in a cold country, the best thing you can do for yourself is to invest in a proper winter jacket. You will not regret it. I’ll put all the outfit details at the end of the post.




My friend decided to do some edits and I love them.


Shoes : Nike Air Force 1

Pants : H&M

Inner Black Turtleneck : Asos.com

Hoodie/Hat : H&M

Winter jacket : Mackage

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Pictures were taken by Chinonso Obodoechi (City Lens)

Follow his work on Instagram @city_lens and personally @chinonso.o