This is the first post from my “Year Of The Gentleman” series. In this season, I featured one of my best dressed friends “Dotun Adeseun”. I’ve been so busy with everything else, like trying to find a job, planning events and starting a personal business, that’s why I haven’t posted anything in a while. But I have more projects coming up after this. The year is long and I am dedicating my time this year to show you guys the many ways to look classy, to look dapper, and to look like a gentleman. So stay with me and stay tuned. Now lets get started with season 1.


The focus for this season is the “waist coat”. I like to wear waist coats when I want to go with a more casual look while Dotun for example, likes to go with the complete set.


I know I already spoke about the poutine he’s eating in the picture above but i’ll talk about it again just because i’m still hurt. Dude ate the entire poutine alone, Stingy boy. Anyways, I opted for turtlenecks because they’re less cliche compared to dress shirt and tie plus i’m trying to save that for the next series.



Turtlenecks are more comfortable to be honest. The next look is probably going to be a complete suit. So be sure to come back



We had trench coats too because cold!!. Yh it was a bit cold the day of the shoot.




It was fun to be back shooting with one of my favourite people with the camera, it’s been a while. We’ll probably link up again. This is just an introduction to my “Year Of The Gentleman” series so stay tuned to what I still have coming. A closer look at our outfits below.






Some of the better shots from the shoot are below. I’m suppose to be the playful one oh. The dress pants that I have on are probably the best dress pants you’ll ever find. Its super comfortable, Its stretchy too, It came in the perfect length and size that I didn’t have to take it to my tailor. Finding pants this perfect is as hard as finding a good barber. If you know you know.


The two pictures below are my favourites from the shoot. I’ll put the details of the outfits after the two pictures. Thank you guys for your patience, I’m back like I never left and like I said stay tuned!!!! ( And from now on if you’re reading my blog please put some “respeck” on it )….. hahaha




MINE : Turtlenecks :

Pants/Coat/Waist Coat : Le Chateau

DOTUN : Suit and Turtleneck : REISS


Photos By : Marcus : 42Sttom Photography : Instagram @42stomm_photography

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