OMG its been a while. I always seem to take a really long break before posting but this time I have real excuses. First of all there’s work, then events, then even more events, then you have catering and then you have sleep. Technically all these excuses shouldn’t stop me from blogging because it should only take a few minutes to put words together. So I think the real reason I took so long is because all my photographers abandoned me. So there it is, the cat is out of bag.

With all that being said nothing can really stop me from doing fashion. Well, except from Nigerian economy but even that can only last for so long.


Let us talk “Year Of The Gentleman”. Have you ever had that work outfit that makes you feel like you can close any deal that comes your way? That suit that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world? I don’t feel like i’m there yet but i was pretty damn close with this outfit.


In this outfit I was at the level of confidence where I could approach anyone on the street, I felt like I could even talk to Rihanna and she would listen. Okay maybe I’m pushing it but this is how I want you to feel everyday when you dress up for work.

I just kinda switched things up a little. I felt like this outfit would stand out more if the pieces came from two different suits and I was right.


This is the perfect outfit for work, an interview, a conference etc. It’s an everyday look for a perfect gentleman. In season 5 i’ll put together something that should stop traffic so stay tuned.



Shooting this look was really nice. It was the first time working with “Enem” the photographer and she was amazing. My pants even ripped during the shoot. And yeah before I forget, the suit you wear for your everyday cooperate activity should be really comfortable but it doesn’t mean you should be Van dame or Jet Li while in them. So long story short, I thought I was Jackie Chan so my pants ripped.




Above are some of the best pictures from that day. I’ve always tried to mix my two most loved activities together and the pictures above are the best representations of who I am and the things I love to do.

Okay lets talk accessories for a second. As a gentleman, you need your tie perfectly held in place, You need a briefcase and you need a holster from LDWest (These guys seriously need to endorse me).




Okay we have reached the end of this catch up session, Now seat back and sip some tea and stay tuned until my next post.



Suit : Le Chateau

Tie : Suited Man

Shoes/Hat : H&M


PHOTO/EDIT BY : Enem Odeh // Blue Clouds Photography

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